July 30th-Cameron Remmer is his 30th Birthday-Still Missing since Oct. 6 from SFO Fairmont

This post was written by Valerie on July 13, 2012
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Cameron with a Friend to turn 30-July 30th and Still missing

My son Cameron William Remmer has been missing since Oct. 6th, 2011 from the Fairmont Hotel around midnight and this month on July 30th is his 30th birthday. We have a new inspector on Cam’s case and she is taking an active lead in getting more info and tracking from the SFO Fairmont hotel along with many individuals that were with Cameron while on his business trip.

We have had zero contact from Cameron (although bipolar he has never not contacted family and friends) nor any activity with new bank accounts or credit cards.

How can you help? Keep looking for Cameron and have not given up hope so your continued prayers and continue to try and help find our son.

Please follow up with written letters to the Adam Walsh TV show to try and get visibility to help find our son. We firmly believe the more visibility the more likely we can find Cameron or locate the people that may have hurt him or have kept him.

We have him in our thoughts everyday and the pain of missing him and not knowing if he is ok or not is so difficult. This is an extremely hard time for our family and Cam’s friends as we have gone so long now with no new evidence but are hopeful that the new Inspector will follow up with the individuals who were with Cameron on Oct. 6th.

Thank you.


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