Labor Day-Family and Friends, Beach and Barbeque’s

This post was written by Valerie on September 1, 2012
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Labor Day Celebrating with Family

This weekend I decided to fore go events (although the tall ships in San Diego Harbor would be on my list to attend this weekend). I think Labor Day marks the time when families should bond together along with great friends. Our family and most of my friends are beach lovers so starting out the morning with the “gang” at Pipes fits the bill. (Note: other patrons don’t seem to appreciate a family with 9 kids, several sets of parents and grand parents but we seem to win those types over in the end.)

For most families this marks the “end” of summer vacation and the start of school for many. My grand kids started school already except for the Orange Co. clan that will start school on Tuesday.

The waves are super high and the La Jolla Shores folks are getting a show of harmless tiger sharks swimming in the shallow water near their water logged toes.

North County is bright and sunny without the humidity today and lots of beach goers. There is no place to park along the coast so lucky we are in walking distance to the shore. We can’t really focus on the sun and sand because our eyes and hands are busy keeping the kids safe from the heavy surf and jelly fish and oh year, sting rays.

We are joining a group this afternoon of some awesome friends we have missed for a while and look forward to catching up with all of them and seeing their kids.

Life is wonderful when the ocean breeze keeps you cool and the water temp is warm enough for a long swim out past the breakers with my body board. I will be 65 next week and went to the local surf shop yesterday to get more surf wax. The young girl at the counter kind of looked at me funny but what does she know at 19?

I love swimming, and have swam in the ocean since I could walk. I have what is called “swimmer’s ear” when your ear grows a protective layer after years of exposure to swimming in cold water. I have already enjoyed too many years of sun bathing and dark tan’s and burnt flesh and my body is showing the damage. Only now more than ever wear sun screen for everyone.


While we all enjoy this weekend keep in mind those hard working parents and kids that keep this country great. And say a prayer for those of us looking for work and wishing for the basics of life. Stretch out this summer for as long as you can and continue to honor each other and let people know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate the things and support they gave you over the years because life is short and I can’t remember when summer came and went as fast as this one did.

So as Halloween approaches and Christmas stuff is already filling the stores remember this:

A child’s smile is like a warm wind day,

Gently carressing

and off to play.



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