Lillian and Darren McKendry Open their home for Sarah Osborne’s Baby Shower

This post was written by Valerie on May 21, 2012
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Shower for Sarah Dolkas-Osborne in Black/White for her first born at the McKendry's

The front door into the living room Lillian and Darren McKendry

Note the beautiful natural crystals that stand out on their own and are scattered about the home. The sky light adds additional natural lighting to the are work with out hitting the pieces directly. There are fire places through out as well. Every flower arrangement is significantly placed near complimentary sculptures. There is a bit of whimsy throughout and even in the master bedroom on one rock wall are small “climbers” with a “bronze” rope descending on different levels of the wall. The size of the sculptures is like looking through a telescope at a group of mountain climbers.






An etched glass doorway bordered with large modern art.

This is a an approx. 4" tall blue glazed vase set strategically on the lawn


All of the landscaping is low maintenance and beautiful

This staircase is on the edge of the yard leading to a gravel area over looking a creek

Descending the stairs to the gravel path that looks over the man-made creek




The Creek Darren added to the back of the property



Every where you look there is the magic of plants so soothing

another resting bench

One of the many built in seating areas with fire places










The fountain at the front entry to the yard

The Barbecue area










One of many fire places around the ground and even a similar one on the Kitchen counter



The gym area ends at the lap pool along with a trampoline for the kids to enjoy.

The Lap Pool









The exercise room at the foot of the bedroom seating area

Stained glass is used throughout the home as well









From the hallway looking into the kitchen and not visible is a built in floor/ceiling wine cellar



Another view of the kitchen and more stained glass












All around are small bronze statues sitting on amazing stone


An amazing bronze and painting












And an unexpected Snow White in the Living Room with Modern Art


The expectant Sarah making her rounds



So after all of the ooh’s an ahh’s over an incredible makeover where you would least expect it is beautiful Sarah with her own makeover her soon  to be son or daughter. They are keeping us guessing. So after an incredible tour of the grounds and fabulous food there were baby shower games to play like guess the sex of the baby and how “big” around Sarah is now. There were all of these incredible women that many I knew from working with the school district and teachers and librarians and councilors were there along with all the girl’s I watch grow up with my daughter and my friend Lillian who I have missed when we worked together at Callaway Golf where Sarah is now a manager. There were so many beautiful babies and relatives and friends and all were so much fun to meet and talk to and share stories.



The Shower Gifts

Even though I had to leave early to watch my daughter’s children while she flew to Las Vegas to do the Billboard awards ceremony the best sharing of all came from all the wonderful women and children that attended and supported Sarah. Most importantly a thank you for the hosts Lillian and Darren McKendry for sharing their incredible home and making me want to buy matches on the way home to burn down my house.

If only the rebuild was has as great as the McKendry’s and only if Sarah’s child is the most important part of the day for me..seeing her life begin with love and support and friendship.





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