Linda Deremo Master of Native American Silver Jewelry

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Linda Deremo has spent over 20 years learning her craft from her husband Larry a master silversmith from Santo Domingo Pueblo where love and marriage developed from a shared interest in learning and perfecting Native American jewelry making. Larry passed away in 2002.

Three years after Larry’s passing Linda decided to return to her craft to create and study with various Native American Southwestern tribes. She attends many functions and is tightly connected to her extended family of Navajo’s, Hopi and Zuni tribes to mention a few. Now in her own words Linda tells the rest of her remarkable journey.


Linda Deremo at work in her studio.

As an individual and an artist, I have always had a deep passion for the Native American culture and art, and have studied and traveled the amazing Southwest for over twenty years. Trained by an award-winning pueblo artist, I have developed my own unique ‘signature’ style of jewelry making combining traditional native techniques in beadwork and silversmiths and mixing them with contemporary design elements and symbolism.

I pride myself on using the highest-quality materials searching for the most beautiful gemstones, shells, bone and more, that represent the southwest and my own personal designs. All components of my jewelry are selected by myself to best highlight and allow my pieces to stand out and make a unique statement; simple and elegant; rich and vibrant. I let the natural beauty shine through with each component that is selected to go into my pieces and then worked to perfection.



I guarantee the work on all of my creations. It is my heart-felt mission for you to be happy and proud of your selection of jewelry; a personal reflection of your own personal style, spirit and life.

My pieces are created in my art studio in the ‘right time’, in the ‘right space’; when spirit moves me and creativity flows. I am surrounded in this personally designed space aside the beautiful ocean in the spiritual, surf side community of Encinitas, California. As I create, I am surrounded by amazing artwork from all my travels to the most beautiful places in the southwest that I so love like the Hopi Mesas, Canyon de Chelly, Taos Pueblo and the many other special and sacred native homes and villages that I have been so blessed to be a part of and welcomed to that truly inspire my life. I have been so honored to be a part of this culture and way of life during this lifetime, and my dream is to share with you what I have learned along the way, through the beauty that lies in the ‘Art of Jewelry’.

Blessings and enjoy!


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Linda has exhibited her work at many Pow Wow’s, Art shows and conferences with a showing this past November at the Santa Barbara Art Museum pictured below.

If you wish to contact Linda to learn about her upcoming event scheduled with dates being confirmed of how you can see her jewelry by contacting her email at .

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