Man in Millbrae was Not Cameron Remmer, 29 missing since Oct. 6, 2011 from SFO

This post was written by Valerie on April 6, 2012
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Not Cameron Remmer

We had some some wonderful people in Millbrae and even at the Starbucks and they actually saw this person just a few minutes ago and we were able (thanks to my Husband and Leigh Ann and Jamie) to get the police over to “get Cameron”. But per the police this is not Cameron Remmer as this man is a lot taller than 5’10”. They will do a finger print check but we were all so sure from the facial features that a group was going up today to meet up with Leigh Ann’s people to do a search and then while Leigh Ann was talking to Jamie from Starbucks there was this man in red pants. There are two different police departments involved and two police cars and a fire engine.

But it was not my son, our friend or brother. But I still want to thank Leigh Ann and her Family, Jamie from Starbucks and Michael from Lucky’s that tried so hard to find Cameron for us.


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