Manners Are Free–A book for your Grandchildren by M.B. Jones

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Manners Are Free

Before I delve into the press release about M.B. Jones new book about teaching kids manners I have to add that my Aunt Esther who lived at 2525 “N” Avenue in National City (now a national landmark) taught her three children and my brother and myself manners. We first were taught how to set a table for a “proper dinner” and which fork went with what. Additionally she taught us to pay compliments to the chef and each other and to always write a Thank You note after a gift or dinner party. I was 8 years old and have never forgotten.

WARRENVILLE, IL. – While it might be hard for some to whole-heartedly believe this phrase, M.B. Jones completely agrees.

Working grandmother, M.B. Jones’ children’s book, Manners Are Free, highlights the basics of manners and common courtesy, but does so in a colorful way that appeals to children. She wrote the book to ensure that her granddaughter would learn manners at an early age.

“My little granddaughter was my impetus to write my book, Manners Are Free,” said Jones. “I feel strongly that children need to learn manners at an early age.   When Aubrey was a small baby, I would always talk to her about manners and then I would add, ‘remember, manners are free’.”

Jones has spent over 26 years in the business world as a global manager and a business owner. Her keen sense of business etiquette was easily translated into the message of her children’s book.

Jones highlights everything from table manners to conversation skills to playground etiquette in her colorful book, Manners Are Free. The book uses illustrations and real-life situations to appeal to both parents and children alike.

“I am a first time Grandmother, and I want nothing more than for my little granddaughter to grow up to be confident, successful and happy,” says Jones. “I want her to learn that how you treat other people and how you conduct yourself makes a big difference in all aspects of your life.”

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Manners Are Free

By M.B. Jones

ISBN: 978-1-4634-1307-1

Paperback: $11.95


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M.B. Jones is a loving, working grandmother from Warrenville, Illinois. She has been in the business world for 26 years working for major corporations. She is currently the owner and president of her own company, MBJ Consulting, LTD, and she is contracted by Siemens Enterprise Communications.

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