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This post was written by Valerie on October 5, 2013
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I just finished reading Messages-Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 by Bonnie McEneaney.

A common thread from this book that I took from it made a connection between my son Cameron William Remmer missing tomorrow, Oct. 6th, 2013 for two
years from San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel.

Sept. 14th the mothers/fathers and friends of five missing young men all from San Francisco united us as one voice. We each have out own story to tell but at the Vigil in Golden Gate park on a sunny California day in San Francisco our voices united. Missing young men do not get the same attention as missing children, elderly or women. No multiple Amber Alerts no continued TV announcements and eventually only two detectives investigating 200 missing cases per month in San Francisco can only do so much.

So how does Bonnie’s book Messages come into this story? None of us have a sign that our sons are missing or on a ‘walk about’ or the worst fear dead. When 9/11 hit New York we had just received a call from Palomar Airport that a plane hit the World Trade Center. My husband at that time had an office at the airport and then to now is closely linked with airplane charters and sales.

We immediately turned on the TV and then to our astonishment another jet hit the second tower.

The connection we have in common is that moment when the second plane hit. What the hell? And then repeatedly, “No! No!No!”.

A missing board went up. Families looking for their fathers, mothers, children and that is the moment and the horrifying feeling that something is really wrong is the same moment in time taking us back to that terrible event.

Our sons are missing and we experience that same feeling of, “where are they, are they being tortured or are they safe or ??”. We don’t know if they are wandering, kidnapped or dead. We still don’t.

Butterflies?? I did a story a while back about David Marriott who founded the Encinitas Monarch farm 21 years ago on a small farm.

I took my granddaughter and we shared an amazing day together with butterflies on our fingers and in our hair.

Butterflies from the Encinitas Farm 2012.

In Bonnie’s book she describes a moment at Ground Zero when hundreds of butterflies flew up into the air from the ashes and went to both towers. It was a moment when a body was discovered four months later..Bonnie’s husband if I remember correctly.

Now the Encinitas Monarch program has moved to  a larger farm in Vista on Smilax Road and Oleander Avenue at the new Farm in Vista, California. The monarch program will be enlarged and will have a 4000-sq.-ft-vivarium (3 times larger than the predecessor in Encinitas) where 2,200-sq.ft. milkweed cultivation in a greenhouse and will provide a nursery for caterpillars and chrysalises as well as a classroom.

The Vista Farm Vivarium will be open November 15, 2013. They plan to grow 20 different species of butterflies along with their host plants.

If nothing else that book has given me great comfort. I believe my son is if not the butterfly that stayed with me that fun day with my granddaughter but at least I feel him in my heart and I see him in all the life around me. I hear his voice in the music he shared with me.

Help us find our sons.



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