Missing Since Oct. 6, 2011 Cameron Remmer Born July 30th, 1982 Updates

This post was written by Valerie on July 31, 2014
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My son Cameron Remmer was recently featured on Investigative Discovery Network’s “Last Seen Alive”. My oldest son Curtis Coles and my daughter Chelsea Gladden went to San Francisco with the film crew and a Private Detective. The show will continue to air and the web site is being monitored for anyone who may have seen Cameron or know anything about that night in San Francisco when he left the Fairmont Hotel around midnight on Oct. 6, 2011 and was not heard from again…no reports so far.

A check in call today, Cameron’s 32nd birthday, July 30th, was made to the new investigator in San Francisco’s Missing persons department said no new leads.

Tonight our family, Cameron’s father, nieces/nephews and his brother Chris and wife Kim and his sister Chelsea and husband Eli and myself remembered Cameron on what would be or is his 32nd year of life.

The cupcakes were lit with one candle and all of us made a wish for Cameron. A  balloon was signed by all of the kids ages 3 to 10 (7 attending) and adults and let fly  free at Oceanside Harbor. The night had what Cam likes to call a “Cheshire Moon”…our family favorite.

Cameron is one of the CA Missing 5 that also includes Jackson Miller, Shawn Dickerson, Crishtian Hughes and Sean Sidi. All young men about the same age who went missing from San Francisco from 2010 to 2013. Not one of these young men have not been found.


Above is Cameron with his sister Chelsea and brother Chris at his nephews birthday four years ago.


Happy Birthday my son…where ever you are. May peace find you and know you are missed and loved.


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