Mother’s Day is over and No Word from my missing son, Cameron William Remmer Update

This post was written by Valerie on May 17, 2012
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Update on Cameron Remmer

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, May 13th, 2012. I was so hopeful that I would hear from my son Cameron William Remmer missing from the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel on October 6, 2011. No word from Cameron.

We followed up this past week with Inspector Joe Carroll the Inspector on the investigating team to find Cameron. I needed to know that they are still working Cam’s case and they are.

We have not had any additional sightings of Cameron but we now have some obstacles hindering our progress. The Fairmont Hotel is now consulting with their HR department to see if their employees (who were so willing to help before as was the hotel) now want the Inspector to provide them a letter requesting permission to interview the last several people that work at the hotel to see Cameron alive. They may not grant that to the Inspector. We need especially to talk with the Bar tender at the Hotel Bar the night of October 6th to see who Cameron may have connected with. Per Cameron’s phone bill and speaking with his good friend on the night of the 6th around 11pm Cam called to see if his friend could pay and get a room for that night. The friend who was in Arizona at the time returned Cams call and paid for him to stay at a local hotel but Cam then told him that he “found a place to stay” that nigh. That is why we need to speak to the bar tender because Cam talked to many people in the bar that night and no other phone calls showed up on Cam’s cell phone. If the bartender of the hotel knows anything and wants to contact Inspector Joe Carroll directly we will keep him annonymous and not mention his name so he won’t loose his hotel job.

The San Francisco Missing person’s department is putting together that letter and the Fairmont will give them their answer but that is just more delays in a search that is now past 7 months.

Additionally, we had a high profile professor whose number showed up on Cameron’s phone bill  at approximately 1:15pm on October 6th where she was out from Boston and in San Francisco and tried to call Camerons’s 760 area code number. She claims she never made that call or knows anything about “that’. OK so did she loan her phone to someone else? She was lecturing just two blocks from the Fairmont on Oct. 5, 6 and 7th.

When we tried to contact her she threatened a lawsuit. So she is a suspect only in the sense that she may know something she won’t share with us and she refuses to cooperate. Why won’t she help us?? Interesting to speculate but maybe she is not involved or maybe she does not want us to know the nature of any type of connection she had/has with my son.

We have written to the John Walsh Television show and we were turned down. I need to get my son’s info out to all of the US if possible.

We did have ABC news coverage in the beginning and also press from the San Francisco Chronicle. But now since 7 months have passed we can’t get the press to do a follow up story. I know when women and children go missing they don’t give up but in this case it is tricky because Cam is an adult they think he just left on his own but our family knows him and he would not contact us.

I need everyone’s help in posting this info about my son. He may be anywhere in the US but we have had no leads currently in SFO.

Please help me bring my son home and spread his picture everywhere so we can find him. I am still hopeful he is alive and could be in a manic state since he is bi-polar and not on meds. He could have a full beard, long hair (pony tail) a bit heavier or he could be really thin and looks more like the photo in the flier.

On behalf of all of Cameron’s friends and family thank you for your help.




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