Museum Wax-A Grandparents Best Friend.

This post was written by Valerie on November 15, 2011
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Museum Wax A Grandparents Best Friend

Thanksgiving is next week…yikes! If you ask my kids they will tell you I have way to many things within reach of the children and even the toddlers just beginning to stand. I like to keep everything out and found that California–land of earthquakes–best thing to keep your things safe is museum wax.

You can find it at Home Depot/Lowes/or your local hardware store. How does it work? You scoop out about a pea size to a quarter size amount and warm it while moving it in your fingers. Once the wax is soft you can apply three or four dots of it to the bottom of your piece you want to secure. You have to be careful though about the surface. If you have lacquered furniture don’t use on that as it can peel the lacquer from your furniture. Also once you have the piece ready put your hands on the base of the object and push it on the surface and twist it back and forth a bit.

I also put it on the lids of jars (like Mexican Pottery or Ginger jars) if they are in reach of the children. I looked for days one time my Grandson came over and “hid” his new toy. Yep in the lidded jar. That could have taken years to find.

You can use this wax to secure all items in your home and even pictures especially if they are over the heads of where your grand kids might sleep.

Again be careful because it can pull the wall paint off if you don’t do it carefully. When you want to move your items use a smallĀ  knife at the base and gently twist then lift with your other hand. I have actually broken fine china pieces by just trying to twist and pull them off the table.

Thanksgiving is next week and soon you may be hosting the family and the children so you might want to give this a try before they arrive. Should you be fortunate enough to have a house keeper (I wish) let them know to feather dust the items and not try to move them.

We used this wax on our small sailboat in rough seas and those items never came loose.

So hopefully you will have smooth sailing for Thanksgiving and still be able to enjoy your things and the kids can touch them and enjoy them too.

Happy Thanksgiving

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