My 29 year Old Bipolar Son off his meds is missing in San Francisco-Help

This post was written by Valerie on October 20, 2011
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Cameron Remmer, 29, Bipolar off his meds and missing since Oct.6 in SFO


My son is my youngest son. He had multiple problems until he was finally diagnosed two years ago as Bipolar. Bipolar people can function normally as long as they take their medication which is a lifetime committment. http://Bipolar

To learn more about Bipolar disorder and the range of mild to severe symptoms the above may help you. But from my own personal experience my son started having issues in High School which I just attributed to hormones/girls/stress when in fact he was Bipolar. Cameron in my youngest unmarried son. He is loving and kind and loves all races of people although he was arrested for a “hate crime” when he was 19. He truly was not the same person that ran from police, struck out at others and due to excess alcohol at a party in Santa Barbara he was having a manic episode. After he was released he was sad that he missed his sisters wedding but tried to make it up to her by taking the kids to gymnastics and winning over the staff at the Y in Carlsbad. Cam took great care of the kids and helped his sister out as much as he could with getting the kids to their practises. He also always has been my son that checked in on me and helped me out when I needed it. Loved my art work and jewelry that I make and was always looking for ways to promote me and my work.

He got hired at a Nursery in Orange County and took orders for plants for the Orange County and to the Southbay area as far down as Imperial Beach.

When he lost that job he got very depressed and his friends took him on a cruise to Alaska and it was when he landed in Seattle he when into a full blown manic state. It was then that it was determined that he needed to be on Lithium. Lithium is a hard drug and takes a while to adjust the amount for the patient to feel somewhat normal. It can cause your hands to constantly shake, makes you feel slowed down and tired a lot and hard to work at a fast pace. The side effects seem to cause almost every person diagnosed with Bipolar and Lithium as the treatment to go off their meds. They can function for a while but then their body requires a chemical to keep their mind and behaviour normal. Without the medication, good food and sleep it is impossible for a Bipolar person to appear and act normal for very long. They can be obsessive about numbers, sex, saving the world, giving away their possessions and can be suicidal.

My son left for San Francisco where he was meeting up with some friends on Sept. 28-Wed. and was to return on Sept. 30. He never returned.

He missed some appointments and he last checked out of the Fairmont Hotel and left his belongings with the bellman and as of Oct. 6th I got to talk to him and he sounded OK. The last call that day was to wish his sister-in-law a Happy Birthday. Oct. 7th he contacted one friend in San Diego but since then no word which is highly not like Cameron. A missing person report has been filed with Detective Joe Carroll of San Francisco Missing persons case #110819476 call 415-558-5508.

We have sent several press releases to the SFO newspapers. Posted him missing on his and my Facebook and Linked in. Numerous friends have posted his picture as theirs. My other son and his friend are in SFO this week putting up posters and looking for him. I have called all the hospitals and Er’s for Cameron or John Does in San Francisco and in Oakland.

I can’t describe the horrible feeling I carry in my stomach and heart. I love my son so much and I just want him back. Many of his friends are also heading to San Francisco to help in the search and to post fliers.  Please call or notify the SFO Missing Persons if you have seen my son. Thank you.

Cameron and Niece at the kids birthday party.


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Please share and help find Cameron Remmer from San Diego <3

Written By Susan Markowitz on October 20th, 2011 @ 11:19 pm

correction… San Fransisco !

Written By Susan Markowitz on October 20th, 2011 @ 11:21 pm

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