My Grand daughter turned 4 today-July 8, 2012

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Turning 4


When my grand daughter starting talking about her upcoming birthday it was approximately one year ago to the day. She has been so excited to have her next birthday and to turn four. She has a lot of sisters and one brother and cousins and lots of friends from her pre-school so she stated her planning and to the letter she had her “Princesses” party. The only glitch was that the cake place ran out of the “Princesses” so she settled for Justin Bieber.

The Princesses ala Mylar

The Princess Pinata (no bat needed)


The Princess Jumpy not everything went as planned

So even the back up cake was cute and had flowers on it. So the princess L was ready for her guests and she posed for the grand parents in her Princess dress.

The Princess dress waiting on her guests


So as the kids arrived all clean and darling the fun began. The shoes came off and they all ran to foosball or the Jumpy house or to the food and juice and chased each other and layer upon layer of food and juice began to turn their clothes into art projects the games began.

Hugs are welcomed

Now the cake comes out.

Cake time and blowing out the candles.


Her twin sisters dig in!!

Her cousins and brother plan their next trick.


Seconds on cake


Then the pinata came out and instead of hitting it you pull one of the many ribbons for the candy to drop and every child (I stopped counting heads after 25) got a chance to release the goodies.

L sits alone counting her haul from the pinata and thinking that all went as she had planned and even better it was great for everyone.

L's pinata candy.


So grand parents that came all have learned to not wear white or to wear anything that you can’t stain with chocolate and red candy and to just sit back and hope all the kids have a great time. Only once did I have to grab the twin and dig out a large piece of chocolate tootsie roll that three other mom’s helped dig out of her as I held her over the sink. She was dressed in blue so it was B as the other twin was in red. We dug and dug and with the water splashing and chocolate running down our sleeves we were successful by substituting a piece of fruit for the tootsie roll.

After all the laughter and sugar high was just about to hit the adults –grand parents all left about the same time. So turning four is pretty awesome even for us that get to live it all over again. Happy Birthday L. love, from us all!






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