November 1 Update on Cameron Remmer Still Missing in SFO

This post was written by Valerie on November 2, 2011
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Cameron, Gavin and I earllier this year 2011

Our family was crushed with last night’s call from the ER Dr. in San Francisco that it was not Cameron Remmer afterall.

My husband talked with the missing persons SFO police division and was told that Detective Carroll went to the hospital this morning to confirm that it was not Cameron.

Last night I had to inform all of our friends and family that we did not find Cameronafter all. However today they have reopened the investigation and are actively trying to find Cameron.

Thanks to many Facebook fans and friends of Cameron that have sent us several new leads which we passed on to the Missing Person detectives. Also, we heard from several of Cameron’s friends that he had a fascination with the Masonic Lodges in San Francisco. Today we spoke with a representative of the Mason’s and they requested an email and foto plus a description and they will alert all the Masonic Lodges in the Bay area. He felt that many mason’s would join in trying to find Cameron.

We also have another group that will be in the Bay Area this  coming weekend for the Rip Curl event and will be armed with fliers and watching for Cameron.

Again thank you all for your continued support and help. I will continue with updates as they come to me. Please don’t stop looking for Cameron as we still believe he is still in San Francisco.


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