One week in the lives of kids–Grand kids

This post was written by Valerie on April 16, 2013
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Talent Show

I have 9 Grand-children and so far they are all involved in something. The link above is my Grandaughter’s talent show last week. She was awesome. Note she has only been playing the guitar for about 4 months.

Next my Grand-daughters in Colorado last week. Colorado Skiing and her sister Charli in Ski competition . Both the girls were competing and placed or won and recently turned 11 and 9.

Now for one of my Grand-son’s soon to be 7 went to soccer camp and he made three goals to get the Winner’s Cup for the event.

His day continues. Harper Rocks Out ..But the best was two nights ago when my Grand-son’s mom quoted him on Facebook..He asked his Dad for some water just before he went to bed. His Dad (my son) said just get a drink from the faucet. My Grand-son said, “What’s a faucet? Is that French for sink?”

I am still laughing and very proud of all of them this week and every week. More to come on the dancing twins and my other two Grand-children.

But one more funny from my name sake and 5 year old Grand-daughter when she accompanied her mother ( were walking down the red carpet after seeing a newly released movie. My Grand-daughter saw a man with a microphone asking what people thought of the movie but failed to ask her as she passed. So she looked back at him over her shoulder with on hand straight out in the air and said, ” I loved it!!”






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