Dog Goes Crazy

I always thought I wanted to adopt a pug. They are so cute. Instead we adopted two Shitzu’s and I believe whole heartedly in fate. Read More…

Bowden’s Easter Party-Fun/crafts/Italian Ice/ Boa Constrictor

The Bowdens of Carlsbad and the grandparents of five boys hosted the pre-Easter party. Read More…

SFO Homeless Killed in Elevator Accident Not Cameron Remmer


Cameron, his nephew and mother.

Last week I read that a homeless person in San Francisco was killed by an elevator he had camped in either on top or beneath the elevator. My heart-felt that I needed to rule out that was not my son, Cameron William Remmer who has now been missing since Oct. 6, 2011.
These past few months I have been silent but now I need to share that we and the San Francisco Missing persons is actively investigating any “John Doe” deaths.

In speaking with the detective assigned to find Cameron she said she has been continuing to call hospitals and is actively following up on any suspicious or missing persons reported in hospitals or the morgue.

She assured us that the homeless person that met his death was at least 45. She also confirmed that any of the cases she looked into did not have anyone involved under the age of 45.

So we still have hope that the SFO Missing person’s department is very active in finding Cameron.

I have heard from so many people and we appreciate your support. Since Cameron’s birthday this past July it has been a series of family events where we all missed him not being with us.

I have met many people who have shared their own stories. One such woman who I spoke to had the greatest smile and laughed and seemed that nothing was wrong with her life. When she heard about my son she said she knows how hard that is as her own son had been murdered.

I asked her how she got through that horrible tragedy and she said with a quiet voice, “one day at a time and needing to be here for my other sons and their families.”

One day at a time. I have heard those words so many times but not with that much compassion. We hugged and moved on to other conversations.

I listen to music and hear Cam’s voice in my heart. I cry. I keep going and I still have hope. No Cam was not perfect but he never would leave us without calling or seeing us. Never.

Please continue to look for Cameron. Friends of his that went to Costa Rica looked for him on a whim that he travelled to a place he loved. No Cameron.

Many people who live in the city of San Francisco have continued to post his info and we do get a couple of calls but still no Cameron.

If you have information about Cameron or his disappearance write to this blog or on Cameron’s Facebook. Thank you for your continued support. Cam’s family.




Jr. Seau-CTE: Cameron Remmer Missing since Oct. 6, 2011

Jr. Seau Had CTE

Jr. Seau did have CTE when a biopsy showed the symptoms of multiple concussions and brain trauma from a life time of playing foot ball and how that impacted his behaviour depression leading to his ultimate suicide.

CTE was found in 34 brains of NFL players.

CTE Brain Injury

Although Seau never suffered a concussion in his 20 year NFL career he did have one from his Carlsbad car crashing over the cliff by the Carlsbad State Beach.

My son Cameron Remmer has been missing still from last being seen or heard from since Oct. 6th, 2011. My silence this past month has been due to the overwhelming grief missing my son.

Cameron had suffered multiple head injuries as far back as Jr. High when he was life flighted to Children’s hospital in San Diego. He also suffered another head injury while practising for Pop Warner football. I noticed changes to his behaviour soon after and had multiple tests done on him at Children’s Rady Hospital.

Cam’s behaviour changes I believe are related to his head injuries compounded by his later diagnosis of being Bi-polar. Or is Bi-polar part of CTE?

2nd Annual Cardiff Kook Fun Run Feb. 3rd


Last Year’s Cardiff Kook Fun Run


Please join the wacky world of Cardiff Kook’s worshippers and runners for the 2nd Annual Fun Run this Feb. 3rd with plenty of time to still sign up.

This year, they’re raising money for what’s anticipated to be a multiyear effort to improve the area around the Kook. They want to build a handicapped-accessible ramp from the statue down into the San Elijo State Beach campground, replacing the rutted, steep pathway that now exists, Lebherz said.

The run will start at 7:30 a.m. Feb. 3 at Moonlight Beach, at the western end of Encinitas Boulevard. Runners will head south along Third Street toward the Kook on Coast Highway 101.

People can register at

Runners have the choice of a 5K run, which costs $39, or a 10K run, which is $49. All participants will receive a long-sleeved T-shirt, a participation medal and a runner’s breakfast at Cardiff Seaside Market, Lebherz said.

Cardiff Kook 2013 Calendar Now on Sale

The 2013 Cardiff Kook Calendar

If you are a Grandparent with a talking grandchild I am sure you are familiar with the term, “Now Joey use your words.” The sentence all too familiar to parents working with their children. Well that just doesn’t work when trying to explain the love/hate relationship locals have to a certain statue in Cardiff on Hwy 101 at San Elijo State Beach.

The kook brings out the best and the worst in all of us. If you have never heard of the statue suffice it to say that the locals felt it was a waste of money and a bad portrayal of surfers any where.

So they “used their words” graphically. Some in the stealth of night created the most incredible mouth eating jaws gulping down the kook. Most of us drag our kids by the kook to see what trouble or excitement surrounds him this day.

Now you can see the best of the year’s Kook’s costumes because the calendar for 2013 now goes on sale just in time for the holidays.

2012 was the first calendar and so many were ordered they had to reproduce double the first printing and this second year of the calendar will be sold out quickly so get this icon calendar that benefits from 10% of the sales to the following charities: “The Allie Smith Foundation-canine cancer research; “The National Breast Cancer Foundation” and Carlsbad’s “Fill-A-Belly Organization” which provides meals to the needy.

You can find the $14 Calendar on sale at Cardiff’s Seaside Market, Hansen Surfboards, Queen Eileen’s, Coast Hwy Traders, and the Encinitas 7-11 Store or go on-line at

Re-Gallery Offering Art Classes Ages 5-17-Solana Beach

Something’s Fishy about this creation made from re-cycled materials


Re-gallery in Solana Beach located at 348 S. Cedros Ave. Suite H is offering art classes for kindergarten through 12th grades. The students are provided with all the materials they need and encourage the kids to use discarded items in new and very creative ways using mixed medium.

The classes encollment begins Nov. 6 for a $30. per child fee and the class runs from 3:30 to 4:30pm.


Here is their mission statement:

We Are Spreading the Word about Sustainable Fine Art!

We sell, support, and teach sustainably made fine art. Re-Gallery serves a unique need by providing a “green” alternative to traditional fine art.

Featuring one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings for your home, our goal is to  provide art enthusiasts and distinguishing collectors alike with a unique piece that will inspire their imagination as well as their environmentalism.

Visit their site at

For more information about gallery programs and classes please contact us at:
Gallery Phone: 858-259-2001
For Gallery Appointments:
Michelle Aufmann – Gallery Director: 858-539-9909
See us at the Cedros Farmer’s Market Sunday’s from 1:30-3:30pm

Carlsbad’s C.Watson Wearable Artist & Grandsons

Carlsbad's Wearable Artist C. Watson and Grandsons Visit

This summer I was blessed to have my 8 yr old grandson, Willie, for just about 6 weeks.. It was

such fun to have him here..

One day, I had to occupy Willie and my friends two boys that are 7 and 10 years old for a couple

of hours. Living in Carlsbad Village, we went through a couple galleries.. I suggested in the first

gallery to pick out one favorite painting out of the collection that were being featured.. Each

Read More…

Infamous Coast Hwy Trader’s Pete Memoriam

Coast Hwy Trader’s Pete Memoriam

I am a long time fan of Coast Hwy Traders in Encinitas just Southwest of the Encinitas Street sign.

The store was a constant draw for me over the years and not only did I discover awesome products and gifts I found something even greater-my friend Bev and her dog Pete. Read More…

Wine/Women/Wealth Expo Nov. 2, 2012 Del Mar, CA

November 2, 2012 Wine/Women/Wealth Expo in Del Mar


November 2, 2012 from 8am to 4pm at the Del Mar Hilton at 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014 will host the Wine, Women and Wealth Expo.

This is a day to raise our glasses as women, networking, friendship and philanthropy to attend a day long expo to inspire and empower women in San Diego county. In partnership with Voices of Women (VOW) the goal is to enjoy a day to come together and share, learn and strengthen bonds with other women.

Sponsorship and exhibtor opportunities are still available and they are also accepting raffle donations.

The cost of this event is $125. and if you want to buy a table for 8 and save over $300 off regular admission for only $680.

Visit the website and register today and to learn more about this empowering event at