Poetry for Generations and Fond Memories through Tough times-Pat Thomason

This post was written by Valerie on May 19, 2012
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Local Poet Pat Thomason (Kinney) Remembers her Mama

I recently met Patricia Thomason (Kinney) in her home in Coronado. This elegant and talented woman and I hit it off right away. Pat is a poet and recently after just one lesson painted an exquisite painting and her second painting on her own blew me away. Her work is fantastic and she talked about her daughter and many of her daughter’s paintings are hung throughout her husband Jack and Pat’s home.

Pat in front of one of her daughter's egg shell mosaic paintings


Pat’s story and her book (pictured at the top) comes with a CD where she reads her poetry about growing up in North Georgia Mountains. To quote a passage from her book, ” Pat was just one week old when her grandmother took her from the Reidsville State Prison for Women where Pat was born. Her mother and father had made some mistakes in their youth and were having to pay their debt to society. Her grandmother took her to Cleveland, GA to become “Mama” to her. This hard working simple uneducated woman is the inspiration behind her poetry, but it is her faith in God that is the ink in the pen…”.

“Mama Sewed Buttons ..on its’ Face…and I thought that it could see” is the title of Pat’s book. I found so much inspiration myself in listening to her reading her story.

As my husband and I were driving along the Silver Strand a deep sadness filled me. We were on our way to a party of our friends that had sold their boat and will be returning to Idaho. The bittersweet for me was that due to my husband’s business failing we had to give up our boat.

The location of the boat was like returning home for me. It was where my cousins and my Mom and brother and I spent all of our time hanging out all day starting with breakfast on the bay to lunch at the ocean’s edge of the Silver Strand. So I realized as we were driving to the party that seeing the sand dunes (still there all these years) that I can still see my brother and I huddled from the wind and warmed by the sand as the dunes blocked the cold from us. So I never lost anything. I have my memories and those are what means the most to me–my Mom and brother and even my grandparents when we would pitch our tents in a circle with all the families right where the military trains next to the Coronado Hotel.

So when I met Pat and she shared her stories I felt a deep kinship. I felt her memories and all the hard ships she had gone through made her the strong and graceful woman she is now. More of us need to share our stories. These are hard times but in reality the times we grew up in were very hard in deed. Sharing these stories provides the courage for all of us to make it through today’s difficulties.

Please buy Pat’s book and go to her website at http://www.patpoet.com/. May you be as moved as I am when you hear her story in her own words and feel the inspiration of poetry through Pat’s hand and heart.

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