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This post was written by Valerie on October 4, 2013
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Remembering PSA Flt. 182

Do you remember where you were 35 years ago when PSA Flight 182 collided with a small aircraft? Click on the above link.

I was at Pine School in Carlsbad. Pregnant with my son and heard a plane had crashed over North Park where my Grandparents lived. I drove home and watched TV. I could not reach my Grandparents on the phone and kept waiting for info. I then learned that the plane was filled with many ‘dead heading’ (flight crew flying home or to their working flight) of PSA crew. I flew with PSA when we were called Stewardesses. I flew and knew not only the crew members that died that day but friends from Mission Bay High School and one of my best friends from National City Jr. High Herb Stewart.

I saw a list of names scrolling across the TV screen and saw name after name of friends and colleagues that were on that flight.

PSA had never had a plane crash before that day and it did land within three blocks of my Grandparents home. Their best friends that lived near them had many body parts and plane debris in their yard. They later moved away.

I went to Herb’s funeral. I was forever changed. PSA was a life I loved with friends I cared for deeply and kept in contact with over the years. So this year when the PSA 25th Anniversary invite came to me I knew it was time to attend and reconnect.

I was hired November 1967 and completed training and then was on standby (had to be ready to get to the airport for flight in 30 minutes). I flew San Diego to Burbank to San Jose and then San Jose to Sacramento to Los Angeles and then back to San Diego.

During my years flying I joined other PSA Stews who had witnessed the successful trial of United Stews against their airline for discriminating against married women. I had planned to marry and to my surprise many of my comrades were married and we marched in to head quarters and explained our intention to fly married. PSA said fine but we were not to announce our names as “Mrs.” and we agreed.

My last years flying I along with several other Stews were now pregnant. I walked into the office and said I was pregnant with my Dr.’s note saying I was fit to work. They told me I could fly as long as I fit in my uniform. Well it was August and hot and it had been three weeks off when my shift came and I had to wear my coat over my dress to work. Later we were all fired because we were pregnant.

PSA was built on beautiful woman wearing “hot pants” and big smiles under mostly blonde haired California girls. So the image of a pregnant/married woman did not align with the late 1960’s early ’70’s thinking.

The Bali Hai hosted the 25th PSA Reunion last Friday with over 200+ attendees (the biggest crowd ever).

Here I am with my PSA Family.

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