San Diego Youth Symphony

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San Diego Youth Symphony (YAS)

The San Diego Youth Symphony holds auditions for children 3 to 23 for their youth orchestra. Go to to learn more about their program. Below is a quote from their YAS program info.

Accepting students from ages 3 to 23, SDYAS is the only youth orchestra in the San Diego area which trains the youngest of orchestral students in its proven Suzuki program. These students benefit not only from the talent of their conductors, but also from sectional coaching by professional musicians who play the same instrument. In addition, all SDYAS musicians will discover a number of solo and chamber music opportunities by which they can more fully develop their musical skills.

Additional information as follows:

If you want to help make a huge difference and encourage music for your talented grand children this info is available in almost any city in the US that has an Orchestra.
Music is the way to communicate with the world. Expose yourself and your grand children to the Symphony.

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