SFO Homeless Killed in Elevator Accident Not Cameron Remmer

This post was written by Valerie on March 15, 2013
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Cameron, his nephew and mother.

Last week I read that a homeless person in San Francisco was killed by an elevator he had camped in either on top or beneath the elevator. My heart-felt that I needed to rule out that was not my son, Cameron William Remmer who has now been missing since Oct. 6, 2011.
These past few months I have been silent but now I need to share that we and the San Francisco Missing persons is actively investigating any “John Doe” deaths.

In speaking with the detective assigned to find Cameron she said she has been continuing to call hospitals and is actively following up on any suspicious or missing persons reported in hospitals or the morgue.

She assured us that the homeless person that met his death was at least 45. She also confirmed that any of the cases she looked into did not have anyone involved under the age of 45.

So we still have hope that the SFO Missing person’s department is very active in finding Cameron.

I have heard from so many people and we appreciate your support. Since Cameron’s birthday this past July it has been a series of family events where we all missed him not being with us.

I have met many people who have shared their own stories. One such woman who I spoke to had the greatest smile and laughed and seemed that nothing was wrong with her life. When she heard about my son she said she knows how hard that is as her own son had been murdered.

I asked her how she got through that horrible tragedy and she said with a quiet voice, “one day at a time and needing to be here for my other sons and their families.”

One day at a time. I have heard those words so many times but not with that much compassion. We hugged and moved on to other conversations.

I listen to music and hear Cam’s voice in my heart. I cry. I keep going and I still have hope. No Cam was not perfect but he never would leave us without calling or seeing us. Never.

Please continue to look for Cameron. Friends of his that went to Costa Rica looked for him on a whim that he travelled to a place he loved. No Cameron.

Many people who live in the city of San Francisco have continued to post his info and we do get a couple of calls but still no Cameron.

If you have information about Cameron or his disappearance write to this blog or on Cameron’s Facebook. Thank you for your continued support. Cam’s family.




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