SFO Vigil CA. 5 Missing Men 9/14 2pm Golden Gate Music Concourse

This post was written by Valerie on September 6, 2013
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Vigil for MissingCA5 will be held Saturday, September 14th at 2pm at the Music Concourse in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.


Golden Gate Park Music Concourse 9/14/13 Vigil 2pm CAMissing5

Who are the five men who all went missing from San Francisco from 2010 to 2013? They are our sons and they are Jackson Alexander missing 5/15/2010; Cameron William Remmer (my son) missing since 5/6/2011; Crishtian Hughes missing 2/6/2013; Sean Sidi missing 5/21/13; Shawn Dickerson missing since 12/2/2011. NONE of these men have been found.

In talking with one of the mother’s I was told that the talk was Cameron Remmer had been found. The San Francisco Chronicle ran and article in October 2011 that Cam had been found but it was not Cameron. Also I heard that Cam just chose to leave. We do not know what happened to Cameron but he was last seen at The Fairmont Hotel and the security staff asked him to leave and Cameron did not take property worth approx. $63K and all of his clothing. He never returned and the last phone call made from his phone around midnight was that he had found a place to stay. He told an associate at dinner that night of the sixth that Cam was flying home the next day on Oct. 7th. I need your support to spread the word that all these men are missing and if you can attend the vigil next weekend please wear a yellow shirt in support. Some one somewhere knows what happened to these young men.

All of their mothers and myself will be at the vigil and desperately need your help. At this time no bodies have been recovered so we have to continue to find these men who are so missed.

Here is a bill board that is currently up in San Francisco. My son is second from the left.


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