Snow Days and Grandkids-How to laugh together through the distance

This post was written by Valerie on February 5, 2012
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Snow smiles

Just got phone messages with Denver snow pictures of my two grand daughters. Here I sit in sunny and somewhat warm Super Bowl Sunday and I saw these pictures and longed for the snow. When your grand children live in another state or even another country their are several ways to keep your relationship strong. Not only by emailing pictures or sending them to your phone you also can install Skype or as I mentioned in another article get each of you a iTouch phone and have a portable way to hand hold the device and have not only face time but the kids do a 360 degree view of exactly what they are seeing.

I don’t think there is nothing like seeing their smiling faces and getting a chance to see them in action. I also sent their family goggles with a camera built in that can video the action and then send it to you almost in real time.

I get a bit dizzy going down those hills they ski on but also worry about the sled. Here is my other grand daughter in sled mode. Stay in touch and keep sharing those smiles with each other and what memories we have such easy access to with today’s technology made easy even for the clumsiest of techies.


My Grandaughter --All Smiles sledding the slopes


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