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This post was written by Valerie on April 9, 2012
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Cameron Remmer Missing Since Oct. 6, 2011

My son Cameron Remmer has been missing and last seen at the Farimont Hotel in San Francisco since Oct. 6, 2011. I keep posting his picture and the info but I actually got an email from someone who thought he had been found. I thought this is important enough to re post. On Oct. 31 we got a call that the police had “found” Cameron. It was not until later that evening I got a call from the hospital’s Dr. in ER that person they found was not Cameron Remmer. The young man they found though did need medical treatment. How did the police make that mistake? The person they found did not have any ID on him but an airline ticket and it had another name on it. So the police asked him if he was Cameron Remmer and the man was so confused and mentally ill that he said yes.

San Francisco Police Missing Persons key investigator on our case is actively following up leads and keeping us in the loop and his name is Inspector Joe Carroll. If any one doubts that call the SFO Missing person’s department listed above and ask for Inspector Carroll.

We had some very wonderful people help us by sending us a picture of a man that looked very similar to Cameron. I got her email today and she felt so bad that it was not Cameron. But Leigh Ann…your help gave us hope. I want to thank all of you who continue to search for my son.

As a parent there is an acid feeling in my stomach every morning I wake up. I immediately try to convince myself to get out of bed. I have my son’s picture where I can see him and even here at my desk I see his smiling face holding up a fish he caught once on a boat in the Pacific.

I don’t know how families hold it together and there are so many missing persons. The ones that get the most attention are children and women. But I want you to know your child is your child and for all of us missing a child (even if they are an adult male) it tears you like a paper shredder.

Every morning a piece of you is missing. Some nights I can’t sleep so I pray for my son to be safe to be ok and healthy and maybe he is just on a “Walk About” learning who he is from his mental illness-he’s Bi-polar. But even in the darkest times of his life he has never not contacted us–ever. My heart skips beats when I think of him or hold his hat to smell that Cam smell. I focus on positive outcomes.

I thought Easter he would show up at our family gathering especially to see his brother and his wife and nephews and me and all of us there. Each time the door bell rang I hoped it was him. Each time the phone rings I hope it is him. I listen to the music he put together for me and I feel him and the words all have a deeper meaning for me now.

All of our family continues to hold out hope and we all continue to cry and stay strong. It is only people like Leigh Ann and her family that reached out with a possibility and a photo that might have been Cameron and thank God for them. Even though it was not Cam that fact that there are people that continue to look for him and take a picture and call us gives us hope.

Hope that is so hard when we don’t even know where to begin now but depend on the fact that someone out there somewhere knows what happened to my son.

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No matter the age it is a child. The frustration is beyond words. Attention has to be brought to make a change. As they say the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I think we need to all start squeaking!!!

Written By Leigh Ann on April 10th, 2012 @ 6:02 am

I am LeighAnn’s sister. I live in Hawaii. I’m so moved and your kindness toward my amazing sister. It means so much to me personally and as a mom that you comforted my sister as well. She was do distraught about it not being him. I think that we may have a bit of family joining going on. You are an amazing woman and I’m truly inspired by your strength and will pray daily for your son’s safe return and for peace in your heart.
I’m forwarding this to my pastor too because he’s a very spiritual man and his prayers are very powerful. Maybe you can visit Maui and we could meet someday.
Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my sister. She and I tend to notice things others don’t. We can’t help it. ❤❤

Written By Christine on April 10th, 2012 @ 6:39 am

Thank you Christine. If we ever get to Hawaii I would love to meet you. You and your family are very special people.

Written By Valerie on April 10th, 2012 @ 4:21 pm

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