Soccer Season Winds Down–Grandparents Rain or Shine

This post was written by Valerie on November 7, 2011
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Soccer Season Winds Down

Well Soccer Season is winding down. I have two players in Aurora and two players in Encinitas. Three girl soccer players and one grandson.

This wet weekend in San Diego and especially muddy fields in Encinitas seemed like there may not be a 9am game. Of course they did have it and we missed seeing our Grandson making his first goal!! We did scramble in time to watch the my Grandaughter play at 11:20am. Here are tips for finishing out the season if rain or shine they have the last two games.

Always take a folding chair that is off of the ground. When we watch games in Encinitas it usually means that there are four other grand kids needing to be entertained while either their brother or their sister plays. The fields this weekend were pretty muddy but at the end of the game a gopher popped up his head to the delight of the kids. The child ref took his checkered flag and tried playing the famous Chucky Cheese hit the mole on the head game. Then the gopher retreated but then a minute later popped his head up again for another tap to the head.

Then the teams gatherer around the hole (knees to the muddy ground) and stuck their fingers in the whole in the hopes of “petting” this seemingly friendly critter. Grandparent sanity kicked in (or insanity if you talk to some of the other parents)… my somewhat moderate cheering soccer voice I said, ” Get your fingers out of that hole…those things bite!”

Of course that was not a popular message but I felt better just the same. So the next thing highly important to have in your “bag of tricks” hand sanitizers and baby wipes. Also, bottles of water and if you really want to be cool add straws. You don’t need to worry about snacks as the parents all take turns bringing the snacks and generously bring enough for the little tag along siblings.

So I also suggest a small pocket knife to tear into these astronaut sealed snacks. Of course for us Grampy, Bobob and I have one of the twins or the three year old or the five year old and are handed snacks/gatoraide to open with our spare hands (which is why I suggest a chair that has a shoulder strap). The walk back to the car and the clean up I still forget a trash bag.

Also for the rainy days an upmbrella or two and a small towel for the mud puddle jumping clean up.

This Saturday we found out our Granddaughter was asked to be in the All Stars and try outs were today. All Stars means further drives and more games but don’t forget your camera for these games!! Stay dry as you can..where clothes and shoes you could care less if you ever see again…remember we have crawling twins with muddy fingers grabbing hold of my sweater. Forget how you look to others…people now think my hair always looks like a three year old has tried her hand at Cosmetology…When I get back to the car with Grampy we just look at each other and laugh.

But most of all it has been so fun to see the kids go from the start of the season barely knowing what to do to being little stars everyone even on the other teams too.



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