THANK YOU SFO–Cameron Remmer, My Son has been found!

This post was written by Valerie on October 31, 2011
Posted Under: Health and Safety

Cameron Remmer was spotted by someone who saw one of the posters in San Francisco and is now getting medical treatment. Our family wishes to thank all of the people who put up Cameron’s posters  this past Saturday because of that he was found this morning by a report from someone that had seen him on a poster and notified the SFO police. Both, his father and myself were notified by Detective Carroll of SFO Misssing persons.

We were told that no one ever finds someone from a poster but it worked! We were all defeated yesterday and last night when I did the latest update and then the joy of this morning and that phone call.

For those of you that may go through this experience you need to know that without the family talking to the Pscyh Emergency doctor at the hospital where they take the patient for evaluation and because he is an adult they could release him. Then there is nothing the police department can do. If you have a Power of Attorney for that adult you can have more power. Bipolar individuals can easily seem “normal” and avoid hospitalization.

Multiple family and friends called to speak to the doctor regarding Cameron and they will be getting him the help he needs and be working with key family members. I told the doctor that our family is an army and he thought that was great but now he needs only two points of contact -his father and myself.

Thank you again for helping bring Cameron “home”.




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