The Dangers of Silly Bandz to Grandparents

This post was written by Valerie on March 24, 2012
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The Dangers of Silly Bandz

OK you can officially call me the most accident prone Grand parent ever. Over the last two weeks I have one dangerous encounter after the other while trying to divide my time between my two grand sons in Orange County and my five (4 girls (includes twins) and 1 grandson in San Diego.

The first event.

The Awards Ceremony-Accident 1

It was a Friday morning just two weeks ago. I usually don’t leave the house (if at all) until after 10am. My grand-son and grand-daughter both go to the same school and it so happens each received an award. I was to be at the school at 9am. My husband came in and reminded me it was 7:30 am and time for me to get up. I have my routine of coffee/read the paper then eat breakfast and then check email. So because I was late I did not read the paper or have breakfast nor checked my email. I have to (and I am deadly serious here) have my coffee. I usually have two large cups but managed one cup and off to the school to make it in time. I hit the freeway and forgot about the traffic and was at a dead stop for one mile to my exit.

The clock kept creeping up to the 9am hour. I decided that usually the school is packed with parents and grandparents and cousins and well you get the picture there is no parking. I learned a trick. About a 1/2 mile from the school on a street that has a park I can usually find parking and then just have to walk through the grass park (dogs are allowed and are always out in large numbers) to the sidewalk and then down a flight or two of stairs and to the base of the school. I dare not run (as on another trip using the same logic) my Uggs slipped on the wet grass and you get the picture–soggy green pants.

I was not going to go through that humbling event again. I was three minutes past 9am. I carefully made my way across the grass and avoiding doggy “presents” left for the untrained to the side walk. I wear my brand new boots which my friend made and now she no longer makes them. I decide to carefully descend the steps holding the hand rail (which I learned from another venture to the school where I tumbled up the stairs ripping my jeans). Normally the gate by the stairs is open to the auditorium at the school when they are holding the events but not that day.

I panicked and realized I had a lot further to go and so I sped up (irony here) I trip on the speed bump. I fall on all fours. My knees took the worst of it. My left boot bruised and leather torn I get up quickly. (You know the kind of actually jumping up with head swivelling around to see if I was caught falling?)

I go through the school office and quickly adjust my clothes and kept sprinting (with a limp now) to the open auditorium doors. Normally this school always has the oldest kids go first on down to the youngest grades but not that day. I got there just a minute before their Mom, my daughter and we both stood in the door way to see the kids. They were so proud and so cute. You have to make sure they see you and they always are looking for us and we were spotted first by my grand-son and later my grand-daughter. Then it was a rush home to survey my damaged knees.

Well needless to say my boots will never be the same and I wear them anyway because I still love them and now they have a story to tell as my friends comment on the cut to the toe of the left boot. No I fell earlier in the week I have to tell each friend as I wear the boots.

My knees were pretty messed up. I chipped a bone in my left knee and the bruises did not show up until a few days later. The other side effect was I had my bladder go sideways and thank goodness for great pharmacies where I was shown the over the counter meds for bladder pain.

OK so that was accident number one. The second accident occurred the following week when I was asked to help watch my grand-sons while their mother was out of the country for work (second irony here she is in Paris-you will understand this one later in my story). I love the boys they are so cute. The first day there my son was off so we got to have some great and much needed time together and then went to their nephews 21rst Birthday in Laguna Beach.

My son made the coffee so it would be ready and knowing how I love to sleep in and I had to get up at 6:30am he called me to make sure I was up.

He had the boys clothes all set out for them to put on and I got my cup of coffee and the fun thing about being there is the boys and I and their mother all have most of the same food issues so no glutens/dairy/casein/soy so there is always something I can eat too. We had our gluten free pancakes with dairy free butter. Then I got the boys in the car and to the school (my son also drove us past the school the night before and told me which door to go in to sign in my grandson). So I parked the car got both the boys in hand and was off to the school right on time and as it turns out he was the first one there…YEAH!!! A win for me.

I had to be back at the school at 11:30am to pick up my grand-son (see Wordless Wed. My Little Irishman) and took them to the park at the school like I had promised. Simple enough.

We head for the swings and there were two sets of regular swings on one side and two sets of the totally all encompassing ones on the other side. The boys pick their spots and we are alone in the park. “Push me!” one yelled. “No push me and higher.” the other one yells. So there I am running back and forth trying to keep both boys high in the air. I was starting to feel it in my knees first when my older grand-son asked me to push him higher by running under him as I run forward where I fell again on the same left leg–hard.

I did not feel the pain at first and this time I did not jump up. The boys were laughing and I thought it was funny too–until the pain shot up my leg. Needless to say we headed home for lunch. I shook the sand from our shoes and then my son got home and I headed home not once wanting to look at my left leg.

Before I got home I made another stop for more “bladder pain meds” as I learned on the drive home I re-injured myself again. I am feeling like the most klutzy person ever. My husband shakes his head and this time the bruise showed itself grandly and kept growing daily. Luckily I healed and was able to get back to my swimming and proudly wore the little yellow rabbit silly bandz (just one) my grandsons gave me before I left for home.

I love it. It is yellow and I wore it swimming/daily never taking it off–until just this morning March 23.

My brother (who is a fantastic writer and published) who lives in France with his family had his birthday yesterday, March 22. I have to be up before or around 7am (note the trend here) and so we call both of his phones only to leave voice mail to tell him Happy Birthday. So last night is the most dreaded of all my escapades and final (so far) accident happened.

I awoke last night not able to feel my right arm from my elbow down. I actually grabbed my elbow and my arm from elbow down just flopped around with absolutely no feeling in it. I thought my husband was hitting me in his sleep softly until I realized my arm was like rubber from the elbow down. I actually gave my self bruises where my arm hit my body. I thought I just slept wrong and rolled onto my back and started rubbing my arm and hand. Slowly the blood came flowing back. My husband woke up early and I heard him and told him about my arm. He asked if it was OK. (I swear that man is a saint!!) I slept a bit more and then decided to get up and looked at the clock–9am.  I sleep in but never that late. That was just crazy. My arm seemed better. I went in to join my husband and get my coffee still concerned about my arm. I went in to change and there it was! That yellow evil rabbit stretched taught high above my right arm and across my blood vessels! I quickly removed the thing and my husband saw the deep mark it made and said,” So that is what caused your floppy arm…a yellow rabbit band.”

So things do come in threes. Two falls and one rabbit constriction. I go to my computer and decide since I did not get to reach my brother I would email him his “Happy Birthday” wish.

I must digress here to explain the pain my brother has caused me albeit not intentionally over the years. He gets to travel everywhere. He is always off to a castle for the weekend or skiing in the Alps or off to Tibet. I am not kidding. He only sends quick emails and sends these awesome post cards of his travels. I never get to travel like that and when I did it was both times to see my brother-once in Paris and once in Greece.

So I email him that he is probably in some exotic location celebrating his birthday with friends and family. Note I am writing this from my home from my small desk in my hole in the wall office and he writes me back instantly from Paris. I quote, ”

Hey Val,

Thanks so much. Yes, I did get your message and I was determined to call you back today, but then the grind started and before I knew it the day was done. I will call you to check in sometime soon.

So you see that I was not in some exotic place celebrating! What little celebration we had took place last night at Baan Boran, our favorite Thai restaurant across town. Anne and I rode their on our bikes from our respective workplaces while daughter showed up with boyfriend  in his brand new Austin mini, like movie stars. ”

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

He goes on to say that their daughter’s boyfriend is a son of a famous painter.  I don’t know about you but to me that just sounds down right perfect and EXOTIC. He also goes on to say that his wife will soon meet with their daughter in India and then they may take another trip on her return. He also mentions that he may “have” to go to Australia to do another story. I love him even so and have lived vicariously through his adventures over the years.

I leave my desk and get a cup of coffee. My arm is healed. I go swim and then to my San Diego grandson’s football game with no more accidents.


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