The Vintage Marketplace at the “Oaks” in Rainbow tomorrow, Sat, Jun 2nd 9am to 4pm

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A booth at the Vintage Market Place

The Vintage Marketplace at the “Oaks” located at 4815 5th St. in Rainbow/Fallbrook, Ca. 92028 happens twice a year today and tomorrow, June 2nd Sat. and then again on Sept. 7 & 8th 9am to 4pm. This is where women creative make and sell their inventive crafts, jewelry, French Antiques, Large paper flowers and the list goes on. So here is my “group” started our journey in front of the Rainbow Oaks Florist (760-728-9902) where owners Kris and David Trejo run their beautiful year round flower shop. First a picture of the “girls” and then Kris in her shop.

The Girls on our Journey

Kris Trejo in her shop surrounded with beautiful flowers at great prices.

The great healthy and enticing to buy orchids

You can also find the Trejos Rainbow Oaks florists at

or at .







Inside the Rainbow Oaks Florist shop above the door wreaths they make to sell










It costs $5. per person to enter this event that has over 40 vendors all unique and creative with a “shabby chic” feel. Think formal tea with the Queen of England at an outdoor shade and sunny soiree. The feel of the market is one of women making money in very creative ways from recycled art or old French cribs to handmade jewelry unlike those you have seen at all the other markets.

Even the women that just come to shop dress up like Debbie Parnham who came here from Phoenix for a visit and to see the market place.

Here is Debbie decked out in lace looking lovely.

One of the booth’s Chateau De Fleurs (French inspired and romantic paintings of roses) was one of the founders Christie Repasy at or 760-645-3946. Her paintings are an inspiration and framed in antique white with carved roses. Here is Christie in her booth with her art.

The one of the founders with her paintings is Christy Repasy.

We found that we were seeing double when we met Janis Hughes. Turns out her twin Jamie was shopping in a different outfit and they are identical twins. We just could not turn down the great stamped jewelry Janis makes. She uses inspiring messages on her pieces and is an inspiration herself with her great energy. You can find Janis Hughes on Facebook or at or call (623) 606-3504.

Janis from "Grace Abounding"


Janis's inspirational jewelry











So we saw so many people and so many fun vendors so I will name just a few like the other founder Rita Reade who has a store called “Unlock the Magic” at 5502 8th Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028 or call (760) 728-3734. You can also take Rita’s soldering classes at or on line store

Creative paper flowers

Vendor Dyanna Cooley or Broke Jewels creates bronze, brass and copper jewelry go visit

her website at or contact her at


A seashell decorated bike for sale.










Another Christie Repasy painting.


And just like that the day turned into late afternoon. We loaded our trinkets and set off to pick up our sunflowers from Rainbow Oaks Florist and bid adieu.


Sunflowers $5. a bunch and we took home a bunch!!











Jodean Downey, My friend waves good-bye to the Market.



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