Twins-When Grammy Sees Double

This post was written by Valerie on April 17, 2012
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My first experience with twins was when I entered the first grade at Central Elementary School in National City. Eleanor and Elsie came with their mother and they invited me to join them on their blanket at the park as my mom sent me alone to the introduction lunch in the park.

I fell in love with the twins. They were each a bit different but sometimes it was still hard to tell them apart. When I started having children I wanted three things- a healthy baby, born on New Year’s eve and twins. Well I got the best thing which was all my four children were healthy.

My first born was a boy born on Dec. 29th. My second born was a daughter born Jan. 17. My third born, we almost lost during the delivery but me begging for the c-section he was healthy and had the cord around his neck. He was born Jan. 2nd. So I was done having children or so I thought when my fourth born, was a boy born July 30th-Cameron William Remmer, now 29 and still missing since Oct. 6th from the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel.

My oldest son married a great wife and they have two beautiful daughters one born on April 2nd and the other on April 6th. My daughter and her great guy husband first had a girl, a boy, and a girl who has my name as her middle name. They were done having children.

My next son and his super wife even let me watch the birth of their two sons born in April and one in December.

So no twins and all were done having children. My hope was that my son Cameron would marry one day and we would have a shot at more wonderful healthy grandchildren. I pray that day will come and that we find him soon but that is our daily prayer–at least mine.

Two years ago Easter there was an Earthquake and I called my kids to see if all were OK. When I spoke to my daughter to my surprise she told me that day that they were expecting again and what a great surprise. It was not until they went to the Dr. and came home about two hours later than I planned I became very worried to see if the baby was OK. Of course because I was babysitting their three children they told me the news last but in person. They both seemed pale when they came home and I was super worried then. I asked if everything was all right and they said yes and asked if I wanted to see the ultrasound. When they put it on the counter I saw a very different looking ultra sound and did not get it at first that what I was seeing was–drum roll please: TWINS!!

Baby toes

So I finally I get to have twins as a Grandmother and I am so excited. They are both 1 year old now. One twin is slightly bigger than the other and while watching them eat side by side yesterday the bigger one grabbed the food from her sister. No one seemed to mind. They love entertaining each other and they love to dance. The biggest challenge is that they go in different directions.

They attend their siblings baseball/soccer/gymnastic games and are a handful. They don’t cry all that much but if one cries the other starts to pucker up to join in. Together they seem to understand each other and some sharing difficulties show up if one of them has something that the other one wants to take as her own.

The youngest twin is the bit bigger one. I always call her by the wrong name so I have been in her “dog house” for a while but yesterday we had a major break through when I got them from their naps and called her by the right name. YEAH! One for Grammy. So all day yesterday she was my best bud again. Now if I hold one I have to also hold the other. No need for weight training anymore just twin lifts.


Here she is forgiving me with a big smile. Her sister and I get along great because I usually call her by her right name. My daughter has been teaching her to say , “no, no, no.” if called the wrong name. So more people than me get it wrong too.

The oldest twin

OK..yes they are seldom dressed alike but when they get moving and you are trying to keep your eyes on them and two more while one of the other kids is playing their game…it is hard for me to remember which twin is wearing what. The fun of getting them up from nap time is I know starting out who is who because the youngest twin sleeps in a brown crib and the oldest twin sleeps in a white crib. But after we leave their room and head outside all bets are off as to who is who.

My husband and I always ask which twin we have and sometimes their parents get it wrong too. But the funniest time was when my husband came with me to watch the twins and it was time to get them in their jammies..he said let’s put them in different beds and see if their parents notice. I laughed and said no because we may never get it right.


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What a sweet article! I’ll never forget your face when you found out it was twins 🙂
They are so lucky to have such an amazing Grammy!

Written By Chelsea on April 19th, 2012 @ 2:38 am

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