Update on Missing CA 5-Cameron Remmer-All Missing from SFO

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All of the CA Missing 5 seen above are still missing. All went missing from San Francisco since Jackson Miller first went missing in 2010 all up to 2013. Two Vigils were held in San Francisco one in September 2013 at Golden Gate Park and then a Candle light vigil in December 2013 to help law enforcement do “Amber Alerts” for young adult/teen males that go missing as soon as possible and especially those with mental/psychiatric needs.

About a month ago and because of the September vigil and a strong push on the internet (Facebook/Twitter/Missing Person Websites) to get a story on Dateline I was contacted to do a documentary on my son..

A call from a Canadian film crew interested in filming a documentary on Cameron Remmer, my son that has been missing since Oct. 6, 2011 from the Fairmont hotel wanted to film our story.  The producer and I talked about the CA Missing 5 and I really wanted them all included but for whatever reason they decided to do Cameron’s story.

Documentary on Cameron Remmer for Discovery Channel

Documentary on Cameron Remmer for Discovery Channel

This story would never have happened without the strength of the CA Missing 5 mom’s:

Lynn Ching/Sean Sidi; Gina Furano/Jackson Miller; Kim Nepote/Crishtian Hughes; Trisha Bruchner/Shawn Dickerson and the many friends and family of all of us and for the push hundreds have emailed to Dateline to do the story.

The September 14, 2013 Golden Gate Park vigil brought us to the attention of a Canadian film crew that contacted me about one month ago. I sent out emails to all the mom’s and hoped the story would be about the CA Missing 5.

I talked to the producer of the documentary and they sold the idea to the Discovery (Missing Persons) national TV.  Since my daughter has a lot of TV experience and is a journalist they wanted her along with my oldest son (who formerly lived in San Francisco with his wife)  to meet with the film crew inSan Francisco and work with a Private Investigator they hired.

My daughter asked each family member what key four questions each of us wanted them to cover with the Private Detective the film crew hired to try to find Cameron.

Along with my notes ( a small phone book) and info from other friends of Cameron’s met up with her brother who flew in from Colorado where they both met at baggage claim. Their week-long investigation took its toll on them and their emotions but they did get some key discoveries none yet leading to finding my son, their brother.

One of several theories were brought up. Suicide by jumping off the SFO Bay Bridge? Fog would prevent passersby on the bridge or the many video cameras from catching someone jumping.

Left the country? Possible even without his passport which was left at home.

Robbery gone wrong? Business deal gone bad? Cameron in Hawaii?? Who knows.

One solid help was the producers and film team interviewing Capt. McFadden in charge of all Missing person’s investigations in SFO. He promised to follow-up on some tips and leads personally.

The Private Investigator does not think Cam capable of leaving and not calling any of us. He is too outgoing, loves his family deeply and his friends.

We still don’t have answers but hopefully something will hit before the show airs late Summer or early Fall. After the show airs the Discovery channel will monitor all sightings on their website. I will announce via my blog of the actual date/time and channel the document will air.

If you or anyone you know has any information you can contact the San Francisco Missing Person’s at 415-558-5508. Please send this out to as many people as possible across the globe. Not only about finding my son but the other young men pictured above. This is their story too.

Here is a picture of my son Cameron on the far right of the following photo along with his brother and sister-in-laws and sister and brothers.















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