UT San Diego Successful Aging Expo Sat/Sun Feb. 11-12 Town & Country Hotel

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Free Successful Aging Expo Feb. 11 & 12

This Saturday, February 11 and Sunday the 12th from 9am to 3pm at the Town & Country Hotel-500 Hotel Circle North in San Diego go to http://wwwutsandiego.com/aging-expo/sponsorships/ for the details.

Per the San Diego Union:

90+ Exhibitors!


So popular, it’s now a two-day event! The 3rd Annual U-T Successful Aging Expo is coming Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12, 2012, to the Grand Hall of the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center in Mission Valley, San Diego. Gain valuable information on how to be healthy, happy, wealthy and wise in a changing world. This year’s expo features 90+ exhibitors with insider tips on health & fitness, travel, financial & legal services and caregiving; plus a Home & Garden Idea Center that will fill you with inspiration.

For information on how to become a part of the 2012 U-T Successful Aging Expo, please call (619) 293-2282 or (877) 374-4667. You can also email, jeff.arnett@utsandiego.com or download the sales flyer here.

So before you go let me give you my learnings when I was 20 of the things I would never do and now at 64 know why older adults do those things.

So here are the following things I vowed to never do:

  1. Never to wear flat comfortable shoes only heels for me! (now my ankles give out and my feet swell by 10am).
  2. No elastic waist pants or sweats out in public. (menopause taught me that the body changes throughout the day forget eating a meal)
  3. No sleeves in summer especially in hot weather or on evening dates. (baggy arms never occurred to me)
  4. No high necks like turtle necks. (now I know why they are called turtle necks)
  5. Never a one piece bathing suit. (Even a one piece is a dare at my age-I swim at the gym so I pretend I am 20 and I run to the pool and jump)
  6. Never wear hats at the beach and no sunscreen with white noses. (Now it is a full umbrella with a chair off the sand and my whole body is covered in white sun screen).
  7. No pajamas to bed. ( Post menopause I am in hiding all the time. I am the quickest dresser ever-just ask my husband.)
  8. I will never wear tight pants or tops if I look like …that. (I never saw the fat coming so it wasn’t until I had Grandkids I learned I was fat.)
  9. No face lifts ever. ( My adult children would look at me from across the dinner table eating out together and they would all pull their faces back tight and look at me.)
  10. Never flirt with younger men. (There are very few men left at our age.)

So forget all that and enjoy the two day free event that will help you live better, longer and healthier and safer and who knows you may even meet some people you can relate to.


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