When Children Sing Tears Form for Grandparents

This post was written by Valerie on February 17, 2012
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When Children Sing

Many public elementary schools throughout San Diego and probably most of the country have school concerts. Today was a special concert just for Grandparents. The auditorium was standing room only. I could not believe how many grandparents are so supportive and live so close to be able to hear their grand children sing.

They always have drinks and cookies and even programs. There is no parking anywhere so we basically took a long hike to get to the school just in time for the singing.  They had a contest for writers from each grade that were to interview their grand parents about what their lives were like when they were in elementary school. Hard wired phones only and had party lines. Some kids wrote about how blacks and whites were separated in school. Another child wrote that their migrant farm working parents never went to school. And another child wrote how their grand parents had to escape Germany to avoid being wiped out and came to the USA through Ellis Island and almost did not let their grandfather on board the ship because he had one arm lost in WWI.

So I started with a tear in my heart that worked it’s way to my brain and flowed from my eyes as the first group of children sang the Star Spangled Banner and we all stood and as I looked around I recognized myself in all of those grand parents. We all had tears.

The children sang a song about, “Blue Skies” and those of you that remember that song know how appropriate it is today. What will our grand children’s legacy be? Blue Skies? Then the sang “Lean on Me” and every thought was we just may have to do that when they are adults and we are so much older with the economy the way it is.

I stopped. Enough. Look at the joy and fun movements when the 4th graders broke out in “Side by Side”. Yep that is all of us cramped into this auditorium sharing more in our minds and hearts and felt the joy in just being a kid.

The 2nd graders sand “Swing on a Star” and yes I was dancing and swinging with them. Next was a “Little More Love” and my 60’s persona came out in full force.

The first graders sang a song I don’t ever remember and that was “Mail myself to you”…soon to be changed to email myself to you.

But what made the most impression was the Kindergartners singing a song that the teacher asked us to guess “Who is Tony Chestnut”. My husband and the rest of the auditorium filed out after the last song. A little girl came up to my husband and he asked her, “Who is Tony Chestnut?” and she said you are. She then looked over at me and came up and said you too…all of the grandparents are Tony Chestnut.

We then got to go to our grandchildrens’ class room where each child had multiple grand parents to introduce and we were each give a piece of paper with a question for the grand parents to read aloud and answer. Mine was what is your favorite recipe and I pointed to my husband and said you will have to ask him..he’s the cook. My parting advice was never be afraid to ask a question in class. You aren’t expected to know all the answers and that’s what your teacher is for to help you. Always ask.

So I ask you grand parents that hear the children sing–what did you walk away with and did you too have a tear of pride?


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Very sweet! They are so lucky to have you for a grandma (and grampy, too!) Love you!

Written By Chelsea on February 17th, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

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