When does a Missing Person Move to Possible Homicide Status?

This post was written by Valerie on February 23, 2012
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Chelsea's Run 5K on March 3, 2012


http://chelseaslight.org  to sign up for the 5K Run for Chelsea and support her family. You can also email finishchelseasrun@gmail.com or call 760-692-2900.

Why do I care? Because my son is missing, Cameron Remmer, 29 from a business trip and last heard from Oct. 6, 2011. My daughter’s name is Chelsea. But I can’t say I know how hard her death has been on her family. Nor can I say having closure of a missing person like my son would be any help to find his body and have closure.

I want to find my son. The SFO police investigators have added and additional Inspector on Cameron’s case. There has been nothing on his phones/credit cards or his Facebook. Cameron has never been this long without contacting his family or friends.

It is now to the point where as his mother I doubt the outcome of a happy homecoming. Why is it when young men go missing the press gives up on posting info and updates? This big hole is in our hearts, minds and that goes not only for his family but his 600+ friends.

He walked out of the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco just near midnight and has not been heard or seen since. Salvation Army and the churches in the area are all on the lookout for him and nothing.

I do know that for Chelsea’s family there is never closure. She is always in their hearts and on their minds and doubt creeps in and guilt. You can help her by signing up for Chelsea’s Run and show them the support they need to keep Chelsea’s memory alive.

As for my own son what could I have done to prevent Cameron from going to San Francisco? How could I have kept him safe?  Prayers help and friends help and in the moments I am alone my mind can think of nothing else than to find and hold my son and see him with his family that he loves so much. And now that so much time has passed a missing person for the investigators are very limited for what they can do. If suspected as a homicide witnesses that Cameron spent time with can be called in for questioning and maybe help us find him. If a homicide they can subpoena phone records/ip addresses and so much more which could lead to finding him. So you tell me..when does a Missing Person in a city filled with thousands aware of Cameron Remmer missing since Oct.6th become a possible homicide?

My Missing Son-Cameron Remmer

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