When Flowers Aren’t Enough-To Luisa Seau this Mother’s Day

This post was written by Valerie on May 8, 2012
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Mother's Day

Dear Luisa Seau,

Know the San Diego community are with you and are praying and sending you our hugs and love this saddest of all Mother’s Days. So many of us were so touched by your grief and touching words. How often has any mother asked God to take us and not our children.

Your grief was beyond pain and we felt it deeply.

Jr. and then his Mother Luisa Griefing

My own son Cameron William Remmer has been a missing person for 7 months now and I am starting to loose hope of ever seeing him again but this does not compare to the sadness you must be going through. I know I have said the same words to God myself..

You are the soul of our hearts now Luisa. You are the example we have to embrace in our minds but even deeper in our gut.

The paddleout was full of love and not only those in the ocean but all the beautiful souls that brought you their prayers surrounded you.

I hope you can keep this memory the memory of the paddleout as your Mother’s Day Healing and know that as a mother, grandmother there are hundreds more of us praying for you this Sunday.

Jr. Seau Paddleout-picture by Anthony Carrasco




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