When Men Go Missing…Help From Authorities Goes Missing Too

This post was written by Valerie on August 25, 2012
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Cameron Remmer Missing Since Oct. 6, 2011-Still Missing

I am one mother of thousands of mother’s who’s sons have gone missing. If a child or a woman goes missing there is constant news media and frenzy because it is important to find them and soon. But when a man goes missing you only hear about it briefly and then as the weeks and then months drag on you hear nothing. Nothing is noted on the news. The Missing Persons in SFO who “look” for clues to finding Cameron have a heavy work load with a small staff. So eventually  my son and those other son’s info sits silently in a national Missing Persons Data base.

There is not one word or question answered and we know only what we knew a few months ago –no word or body or person found as Cameron William Remmer. Did Cameron just loose his memory and is roaming around in a sea of lost persons in SFO or is he somewhere else by now.

Is he hungry and hurt or is he dead or alive. We think about this daily. There are moments where we can’t even talk about him now. Our family is so raw from this as are his friends.

No one can ever prepare you for this yet multitudes of families are dealing with this right now as I write these words. If men go missing there is little help or hope for any of us after months have gone by.

I can’t imagine enduring this for years. I spoke to one couple who’s daughter went missing for 20 years. I don’t have 20 years left in me. I pray for all of those sons that have gone missing every night.

People walk past them as they sit dirty on a street corner or camp in the park. We close our open eyes and walk past them as if there is nothing we can do or should do.

What part of lost souls do we wish to block from our hearts and minds? What does it mean to all the families that cry and feel this deep unforgetting pain every day of life? Have we done all we can do to find our son. I believe we have and there is no one out there looking anymore from the police perspective.

I know the man’s name who ate the last meal I know Cameron had. He is a bad person with a shady life and I know his name. I can not say it or tell you but I spoke to this man. Did he do something to Cameron? Or is he another innocent person left alone by the police. The police never did talk to him but at least he spoke to me. I know the men Cam spent time with and did not want to do business with anymore and Cam told that to the man who was introduced to Cameron by these men. But no police went out to talk to them face to face. They all know their names but they continue their lives unbothered. Cameron told the “dinner man” he wanted to do business directly with him and not through those other brothers.

Then all went silent. No phone calls from Cam. No credit cards used. Nothing.

So I am not silent now. This is my only hope to find my sons. I need to continue monthly to send out his picture and remind people that one man, my son, is missing and all of his friends and family miss him and love him and pray for him.

I won’t be silent any longer. I will find my son. I will never, never let up.  I will make more noise and to the woman involved with the “God Cell Particle” that called my son at 1:15pm on Oct. 6th from a Boston phone number in the SFO area code to a 760 San Diego phone…go ahead and sue me. You know something and we know your name.


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Wow this is intense, I am so very grateful for your blogs cuz w/out them I would be even more clueless about this case then I already am. He’s in my prayers each n everyday!!

Written By Lindsey Brown on October 2nd, 2012 @ 1:40 pm

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