Where a Celiac/Dairy-Soy Free Can Get Coffee Out in San Diego

This post was written by Valerie on January 4, 2014
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I have been constantly on the look out for places and foods that I can eat since being diagnosed with Celiac disease about five or so years ago.
Prior to my diagnosis my love for coffee drove me to Starbucks or even McDonald’s along with friends. I love my coffee with raw sugar and rice milk now. I would love a cappuccino with real milk but my body goes into explosive shock and then days of exhaustion. Just not worth the attempt.
Friends are constantly saying lets meet for coffee and I cringe. I end up having either a black coffee or tea. Disappointing because they don’t offer alternative non-dairy milk which I crave.

I have gone to Starbucks as I see them as leading edge for coffee connoisseurs only to ask for Rice Milk to be told they only carry Soy based milk alternatives.


Soy is off my food list. Then I heard about the Native Foods Cafe in Encinitas.
It is just off El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. in the Ralph’s shopping center (also Trader Joe’s).

Friends had told me about the great gluten Free foods. But my diet excludes soy/dairy/eggs/potatoes/tomatoes and not too much salad or what I call ruffage foods.When you enter you place your order and then it is brought to your table. The prices are really reasonable and the food is awesome for even non-celiac/vegans.

My favorite is now coffee with rice milk that I can order along with my very favorite sweet potatoes fries. Yummy!!



Another local Encinitas cafe that serves not only rice milk but almond milk alternatives for your coffee is The Naked Cafe  sandwiched (pardon the pun) between Home Goods and the Radio Shack at 288N. El Camino Real #C. They have additional locations in Solana Beach at 106 S. Sierra Ave. (858-259-7866); 3555 Rosecrans St. Ste. 109 in San Diego (92110) (619-226-7866); Carlsbad at 300 Carlsbad Village Dr. Ste. 107A (760-720-7866).


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