Who Will be the Care Takers of the Family Treasures?

This post was written by Valerie on July 13, 2012
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The Future Generation Will They want the Treasures??

My generation of yes the “baby boomers” seem to feel similar in that all the things we inherited from our grand parents or great grand parents and even our parent we took the responsibility to guard the family treasures and most of all their memories. My heritage is part Cherokee Indian, French, Scotch and Irish. I talk to so many wonderful women who have also told me they have taken on the role of guardian and all of us have found out that none of our children want any of this stuff.

So a lot of my friends and acquaintances are selling their “stuff” and holding on only to the very special things of deep meaning that maybe our grand children were glad we saved for them. Many of us have just told our kids and those that think we should have an emptier nest so to speak we don’t care what they think we like our stuff.

It is not just stuff though. Right now in San Diego Comic Con is going on. I had a full and well protected set of comic books first editions and had many boxes full and carefully wrapped the comics. Now of course those are gone but boy do I wish I still had those…the value of them is incredible. I could just cruise the world and live a full life off the sales of those long lost comics.

So maybe one day my kids may see the value in our family “junk” that we call treasures and be able to sell them for college money for their children. And maybe those children, our grand children will see more than money in the value of the memories of the family history and how their lives are interconnected to past relatives. For my kids andĀ grand kidsĀ it is my Grandfather’s love of dance and my mom and dad’s love of dancing.

So I will be dancing with all my ancestors because my memories fill my heart with joy. My friends decided to just enjoy their collections because they love the history that goes with each item. Minimalists keep life simple.

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